Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Weekend Recap

This Memorial Day Weekend was a success! Everything went off without a hitch. Now, I'm not going to say that eight people (including my pregnant sister-in-law), four dogs, and two cats staying under the same roof isn't stressful, but it was still fun. And the baby shower was so much fun! A lot of people came and we had yummy breakfast food and cupcakes and my sister-in-law got some really, really cute gifts. Lots of pink stuff...I was a huge fan. I can't wait for my niece to finally be here! Come on, August!

My highlight of the weekend, though? That would have to be when my oldest brother saw my soldier for the first time. He called out my soldier's name and practically ran up to him to give him a huge bro-hug. It warmed my heart. Thinking about it still makes me smile. Then we all sat around the table and shared stories and pictures and spent hours talking. It was wonderful to have everyone back together. Finally all under the same roof. The next time that happens, I will probably be an Aunt! (Can you tell I am super excited for my niece to get here?)
For a short time, my family was complete. We turned off our phones. We stayed up late talking and playing games. We shared stories of things we did last week, and things we did years ago. There was no fighting. No fussing. We all got along. We all fell right back together. It was perfect.

Now I am getting ready for bed to start my next two summer classes. Oh, how I have not missed 8 a.m. classes. But at the end of this week, my soldier will be back with me! For two whole weeks....give or take a few days. Two weeks?! That is unheard of! Granted, he is staying with some of his friends and I will still have to take classes for nearly 5 or 6 hours a day, but we will get to see what being a real couple feels like. And spend more than a day and a half in the same town. I can't wait to cook dinner for him. And to snuggle up on the couch. And go for picnics. And lay out by the pool for hours. I am so excited. Now if only these few days would just hurry up! Summer classes? Boo. Boyfriend time? Yay!

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