Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to our normal

It is so wonderful to have my solider home again! Unfortunately, I am back at school trying to finish up my maymester. Just two more days and I will have a long weekend...just in time to prepare for my June classes.
I was very thankful for how understanding everyone was this past weekend. My teacher let me out of class. My friend turned in a paper for me. My family and my soldier's family let us have time together and tried not to call us too much. This past weekend was perfection.
I am slowly getting used to being a normal couple again. I love being able to text him little things during the day. I love that now I can call him when I want to! I love that I am now guaranteed to talk to him before I go to bed. And he is falling right back into our old routine. He probably called me 6 times yesterday to chit chat just because he could. I love that about him. I love having my best friend back.
We are going home this weekend to spend time with my family. They have been calling me and telling me how excited they are to see him! And I know he is excited to see them as well.
Things are getting back to normal. We even have plans to have a date night...just the two of us! We didn't spend nearly enough alone time this weekend. He wanted to spend time with the friends he didn't see. I wanted to spend time with all of them, too. So this coming weekend may be just what we need.

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