Monday, May 9, 2011

A piece of him

What a relief that this semester is over! One step closer to getting my soldier home. Finally. Although I am still taking way too many classes this summer, I still have so many activities planned that I know will make this one of the best summers ever! I have a lot of little weekend trips planned. Many concerts and baseball games and events to attend. Ending these classes lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

I took this weekend as a short break from school and went to visit my family. I was also able to see my soldier's sister. We had a nice visit. I always love to hear little stories of him from when he was younger.
When she left, she gave me a box of his stuff he left in his room and a huge bag of clothes his family didn't take when they moved a few months back. So now I have them sitting in my room....waiting. It was so great to have some of his stuff in front of me again. It was like I had another little piece of him with me again. There were little shirts or pants that I remembered him wearing. He wore them on dates or many various times we were together.
The box was full of momentos he had from his childhood. Pictures, arts and crafts, and trophies. I saw pictures from the teenager I fell in love with so many years ago. I forgot how adorable he was even back then! I loved looking through all of this, but I stopped so he could go through it with me soon and tell me all the stories and why he kept all these things. I can't wait to hear all about it.

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