Monday, March 7, 2011


Last night I watched the Coming Home special on Lifetime. I loved it. Even my roommate enjoyed watching it with me. The whole time, we talked about what it is going to be like to have him home again. We talked about what that day will be like: what I will wear and who will be with me so I don't have to do it alone. We talked about the emotions of what the drive to him will consist of. We talked about how no matter how much planning may go into that day, it won't be anything like we expect--it'll be better! Talking about that day made things a little easier. Sometimes it is better to focus on how it will be when he is home, and not how terrible it is while he is gone.
My soldier and I have started to talk about taking a trip when he is back. "Pick any place you have always wanted to go," he has told me. We talk about where we want to be, what we want to do, what it will be like to be together. I love picturing how it is going to be.
I know he is ready to be back. I think that is why he has started talking about this getaway. He has it all planned out in his head. So now, not only do I have the moment he is in my arms again to dream about, I now am able to plan a trip with him.
There is a lot of planning that goes into such a big trip. There's the plane tickets, the dates, the money, the activities. They can't all be thrown together. They have to be planned out. So that is just what we are going to do. Plan. Focus on a great time we will have together when he is home. Focus on a time where life will be normal again. Where he and I can exist again.
I think he knew I needed something to keep my mind occupied. School work can only entertain me for so long. He has given me something else to think about. I can look up places to go and things to do. I can daydream about how perfect everything will be. I am so excited to take a trip with him. And I am so thankful he has given me the gift to plan something so incredible.
Although I know plans always change, they still give people things to look forward to. So, for now, I will plan a perfect trip. Something I will dream about for months to come. But I have a plan. We have a plan. And we have an opportunity to look forward to something together.

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