Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I shed a tear.

Today the Supreme Court free speech ruling on the so-called church that speaks out at soldier's funerals was made final. The results came back in favor for this "church" 8-1. I am heartbroken over this. This is what America has come to.
These people hold up signs at funerals of the fallen that say "Thank God for Dead Soldiers". You better be thankful. These soldiers died to protect your right to stand up there and say these horrible things about them without any consequences. They fought on the other side of the world while you stood on the street corner holding up signs of hate for them. And yet they still continued to fight for you.
"I just don't understand how they can protest the very people who fought for them to speak freely." I said to my brother when I told him the news. "Because they are idiots," he told me. "And one of the prices we pay for having our rights protected is protecting the rights of the idiots." Although my brother's words were true, they didn't make the pain go away.
My boyfriend, the person I care for most in this world, has devoted his life to protecting these freedoms. He has put his life and his sanity on the line for people who will never see it as a humble sacrifice, and it isn't fair. Nothing about this ruling is fair. Nothing about the sacrifice countless men and women have made is fair.
I am proud of my soldier. I am thankful for my soldier. I was proud of him yesterday. I am proud of him today. I will be proud of him tomorrow and every day of my life. Every day. And nothing that anyone says will take that away from me.
Today I shed a tear for America. I shed a tear for the soldiers who will never be fully appreciated. I shed a tear for those who are fighting for me and those who are fighting for you. I shed a tear for every person who takes for granted how amazingly brave our military is to protect our rights. And I shed a tear for every person who will abuse those rights.

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