Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He Promised

For Christmas this year, my soldier gave me a ring. It is a simple ring with my birth stone and a few diamonds around it. It is absolutely beautiful and I fell in love with it instantly.
It is not a wedding ring. It is not an engagement ring. However, it is a promise ring- just not the typical promise ring some couples exchange. This ring holds a different promise. A promise I hold so dear to me. A promise I think of every day.

A simple promise. A heartfelt promise. A beautiful promise.

It is the promise that he will come back to me.

I wear my ring (on my right hand) every day. No matter what I am doing, I wear it. It is like a piece of him that I can take with me everywhere. Sometimes I even sleep with it on. I like to feel the weight of the ring. It is almost like a reminder that no matter where I am, he is still with me.
I often times find myself looking at my ring. It catches my eye quite a few times a day. Everytime I look at it, I think of him. I wonder what he is doing. I think of his smile. I think of our amazing love that has lasted through these hard times.
The circle the ring makes is never ending. It will continue for all times. It will never be broken. Just like my feelings for him: They will always continue. They will always thrive. They will never be broken. And that is the beauty of it all.
One day soon, I will not only have a ring to look at. I will be able to look at him. All of him. His face, his body, his hands. His eyes. Oh, how I miss his beautiful eyes. The sparkle in his eyes could never compete to the shine on my ring. Soon I will be ale to feel the weight of his touch and not just the weight of this ring. Someday soon, though not soon enough, life will be right again. I will have him again. Just like he has promised.

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