Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

It was wonderful to be with my brothers this weekend. It was just what I needed. My family always makes me feel better.
During the service this morning, the preacher spoke about freedom. He talked about previous wars fought such as the civil war. He told of the love and compassion each soldier, from then until today, has shown while fighting for this freedom. It was a passion each soldier held that led us to a freedom we often take advantage of.
When the preacher started talking about this, my oldest brother reached out and put his arm around me. It was the touch that I needed. It was the reassurance that everything is going to be okay. He brought comfort to me when I really needed it and it meant so much to me. Whether he did it due to the subject matter of the lesson or just because he felt like it, it still was the kind touch I needed.

The soldiers out there are fighting for our freedom. My boyfriend is fighting for our freedom. The freedom to go to church today and to hear a message from a preacher. The freedom to sit here and tell you all about it. How magically wonderful is that? I think we all, myself included, often forget what all they are fighting for. Freedom. Freedom for me, and freedom for you.
Not everyone is able as lucky as we are. Not everyone can share the same experiences. We are able to do so much in our everyday lives.
We can go to church. We can go to school. We can live where we want to. We can drive a car. We can speak to whom ever we want. How great is that? How simple is that?
If anything, the power of our freedom should overwhelm us. We should want to thank every single person who has fought to give us our freedom, but I know this won't happen. All I can do is be thankful for my freedom and do what I can to show my gratitude. If everyone can do their part by thanking every service member they can, this country will become more aware of how important these people are to our every day lives.

In other news, today I felt my niece kick for the first time. We were on the couch and my sister-in-law put my hand on her tummy and I felt her kick/rollover/whatever four times! It was perfect because she wouldn't even do it for my brother (the soon-to-be uncle, not the father). I told my soldier about it and I know he was jealous, but still excited for me. I know he wishes he could be here for all of the excitement. I just hope he will be home in time for her to be born. He sends me links all the time of baby clothing he is looking for to send my brother and sister-in-law. It is adorable how excited he is. It is a big step our family is going to take and I hope he will be here for it. He really wants to be here for her. He wants to be here for my family...and that makes me happy beyond words.

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