Sunday, April 17, 2011

A distant address

I miss my soldier a lot right now. It is really starting to bug me.

We got to talk a little last night, but when he tried to call me, the phone cut off--twice. At first he tried to (jokingly) blame me since I was traveling from home back to school and most of the time the service isn't the best. But once he thought about it, he knew that there was no way it was my fault...for once. Then he left to get some food and said he would call me in about half an hour when he knew I wouldn't be driving and it would be easier to talk to him, and I have not heard from him since.
I think it is probably harder tonight because I have been waiting to hear from him since 9 last night. I should know better to get my hopes up. I got a call in the middle of the night. Is it him? No. A friend of mine wanted to call and chat (at one in the morning? that's a different story...) I heard my text message sound at 3:30 am. I know that has to be him. Wrong again. Just someone else trying to talk to me. And every time my phone has gone off today, I have had the slightest hope that it would be him, but I just haven't been that lucky yet.
We usually get to talk on Sundays so it is really bumming me out that I haven't heard from him. I feel like I have so much to talk to him. All boring and not important things, but still things that I have kept in mind to be able to tell him.
I want him here to go to church, go to lunch, and sit around with me. I just want to hold his hand. I want to go to bed again and not have to worry about where he is. I want to know where he is everyday and I want to know that he is safe. I miss him.
I'm glad my roommates are here with me. We all went to lunch, watched wedding shows, and Space Jam (that's right...that 90's movie with Looney Toons and Michael Jordan. not as good as we remembered though...) and are currently cooking steak for dinner. Not too shabby for a Sunday. So at least I have that going.
His family and my parents have been asking for his address. I feel like the go between. It is hard to be constantly reminded he is so far away. His address seems so distant. I want his address to be closer to mine. I want to share the same area code at least. I don't want him to be so far away anymore.
All I can hope for right now is a phone call tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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