Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I need a hobby.

I'm busy getting used to my schedule. Yesterday, I had one class that lasted an hour so I was done for the day by 9 a.m. which at first I thought was awesome, until I got crazy bored. And I'm going to have to do that twice a week. I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning. As I told my roommate "I'm either going to be super bored, or our house is going to be super clean this semester." Housewife in training, right?
But this week I also went to the post office to pick up some stamps for my soldier. I saw all the pretty stamps they had to offer and secretly wished I could buy some with dogs or 'Despicable Me' characters or something that would make my soldier laugh. But then something caught my eye- the purple heart stamps. I knew those would be a lot better to use. I'm really excited about these stamps for some reason, probably more than I should be. But I can't wait to send letters to him with these stamps. I even have a card ready to send to him. But I got a message last night from him and we get to spend one more weekend together! And then it is 'bye-bye' for a few months, this time for sure. But at least for now I have something to look forward to.

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