Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another week down

As of this morning, it has been a week since I've talked to Sweet Boy. I know that doesn't sound long, but we have at least 8 more weeks to go before we can talk again. Thankfully this week didn't drag on too much, but today just won't end soon enough. I'm ready to get back to classes (you won't hear me say that often) so I can have stuff to keep my mind off of not talking to him.
Yesterday, my parents called and asked if I wanted to go shopping 2 hours away. Well of course I had nothing better to do! So it was a nice treat to see them and to get some new clothes compliments of my mommy! It was such a nice break to get out of the old college town and forget that I have a crazy schedule of tests and papers coming up real soon.
It was really hard to get up this morning for some reason. I just really miss Sweet Boy. I was hoping that if I stayed in bed, this day would go by so much faster. I was wrong. I've already checked the mailbox about 5 times since he left. And yes, I did even check twice in one day. I just really want to hear from him. I'm hoping these next 8 or so weeks fly by and there are no more delays to keep us apart. These days of not talking really get me down.
I hope all of you out there stayed safe during the hurricane! Did you see this?
Even through the storm, the tomb remained guarded. When I saw this picture, it instantly gave me chills. What a great country we live in. 

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