Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anniversaries and Friends

Yesterday was my parent's anniversary. They have been married 30 years! Holy cow, that's a long time. I'm so blessed to have them and so thankful for them. I hope Sweet Boy and I can follow in their footsteps.

Sweet Boy finally left (for real this time...I know I said a lot that he was about to leave, but that's Army life for you!) Sunday morning for training. He was able to call me at 6:30 and 9:30 right before he left so we could say goodbye "one last time". I really hope these next few months fly by.
Last night I went out with my new neighbor. We had a class together over the summer when we met and then she moved next door to us the next month. And guess what else? She's married to a marine! So obviously we had an instant connection. But last night we went to dinner and sat there and talked for over 2 hours and we still have a lot to talk about. I think it will be my saving grace this year to live next to and be friends with someone who is in a very similar position as me. It is just nice to have someone who understands.
I miss Sweet Boy a lot already. I thought I was taking things well. Last night I wasn't dreading going to sleep because I hadn't talked to him, so I thought it was a good sign. But this morning, without even thinking about it I was about to reach for my phone and try to text him. Looks like it is going to be a long day already. I really need a hobby...


  1. I do the same thing where I will go to text my husband, but then realize that isn't going to work lol. I hope the time goes super speedy for you! That is so nice to have your neighbor who understands what you're going through. That makes such a huge difference!

  2. Yes, it really helps! It is so nice to have someone to vent to who can sit there and honestly tell me they understand. Thanks for reading!

  3. Happy anniversary to your parents! It's so great to have an example of a marriage that works in front of you.

  4. Thank you, Alana! We are truly blessed.