Sunday, July 10, 2011

When words just aren't enough...

For Christmas, I gave my soldier a special gift. It was something I had never done before. I wrote him a song. I created the lyrics, chords, and melody with just him in mind. On Chirstmas eve, as we sat in front if the fire with my parents, I pulled out my guitar and song. I'll never forget the way he looked at me that night.
Whenever I am missing him more than usual, I pull out my guitar and start singing his song. It is a type of therapy that really helps. It helps me to remember him and think of why I love him and how happy I am to be with him.
Sometimes, when he is having a particularily hard day, or just wants to feel close to me, he will ask me to play his song. He doesn't ask for it every often, so when he does, I know he needs it that time.
I was able to talk to him some this weekend during his weekend pass that he was lucky enough to get. Thank goodness for that. We even got to Skype. But right before we had to say our goodbyes again, he spotted my guitar behind me and asked if I had played lately. I told him I hadn't really played for a few weeks or so. He asked me to get it out and sing to him. When I asked what song he wanted to hear, he simply said, "you know which one". So I began to play it for him, via webcam, and I saw the look that still haunts me as I type this. He wasn't ready to say goodbye again. He wasn't ready to leave me. It was all I could do to resist reaching through the computer and hugging him. Sometimes I wish I could make things easier. But nothing about this life is going to be easy. We knew that coming in.
I hope that this song is always important to us. It means so much to me that he asks for it. I hope our children will one day hear it and try to fully understand the love we have for one another and the hard road we took to get here.
So here it is, my humble attempt at song writing. It may not be the best one out there, but to me and my soldier, it is one of the most important ones.
When I was young
I gave my heart away
To a little boy
With big brown eyes.
He was the only one who could make me smile.
From school dances,
To combat boots.
You took the chances I knew you would.
And now you're, before me,
In your army greens.
Wheres the boy I knew back when I was fourteen?
Then that boy if mine
Turned into a man
When he heard the call
Of uncle sam.
I stayed up late at night
Wondering where that boy may be,
Never knowing he was thinking of me.
Now i know how lucky a girl can be.
And I'm so glad i have him now.
From school dances,
To combat boots.
You took the chances I knew you would.
And now you're before me,
In your army greens.
Where's the boy I knew
Back when I was fourteen?

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