Thursday, July 7, 2011


They say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Often times, I wonder if the same is true for strength. Can some see us at our weakest and interpret it as our strongest? 

Onlookers from the outside look at us put on a brave face. They see us walking through our days like nothing is wrong. They see us smiling and laughing. They see us doing the same tasks as always.

What they don't see is the tears that were falling down that "brave face" moments earlier. They don't see how we worry. They don't see our worlds falling around us. They don't see how difficult even the simplest of tasks have now become.

Yet we still get up and out of bed every day. We still get things done. We still hold our heads up high. We find the strength to make it through each day. We find the strength we never knew we had.

We do all of this, daily, to help our soldiers find their source of strength to keep going. If we weren't here to support them, who would be?

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