Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Rants

I tried on my very first wedding dress this afternoon! I just kept looking in the mirror thinking "this just isn't real". But it was! That really was me standing in those dresses. I still think it is so crazy.
Tonight, I should be getting all dressed up to go to the military ball. I should be doing my hair and meeting with my friends to take pictures. Instead, I'm sitting on my my sweatpants. Not what I had in mind a short month ago. It would have been the first one we went to together. But, as we all know, plans often change.
Tomorrow, I am meeting up with a lot of our friends to go see a concert. Seriously I think there are supposed to be 15-20 of us going. It should be a lot of fun! But I still have mixed feelings about it. My soldier bought us these tickets nearly 3 or 4 months ago. We had a great weekend planned and had hoped to see some of my family. Instead, I'm driving myself up there, meeting with his friends, and going to the concert alone. Well, not quite alone- his best friend is going to be my "date". He's going to take the ticket my soldier should have used. I'm glad to be spending time with our friends, many of which I haven't seen in....a long time. I just wish my soldier could be with us, too. After all, he is the only reason they are my friends.
I'm just ranting. I know it will be fun. I'm just really tired of him not being here. I think I'm going to hold off on wedding plans for a month or so. It is just too much to deal with while he is gone. Good thing we still have a long way to go!

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