Thursday, February 17, 2011

Puppy Love

Is there anything better than puppy love?

 And I don't mean the elementary school year crushes many deem as "puppy love", I mean the actual love a puppy gives you that no human can recreate. It is awesome.

This is me, my puppy Chloe, and my man

Last night Chloe curled up in the bed with me and slept through the whole night there. Usually she will sleep at the foot of my bed but last night was different. It was almost like she could tell I was lonely.

I got my first phone call from him this week last night. It was great, only we didn't really get to talk. It is so hard to decide how to balance out my life...usually when he calls it is later in the night so I can always drop whatever and talk to him, since our conversations don't last long anyway. But sometimes, when he calls earlier in the evening, it causes such a problem.
Do I let it go to voicemail?
Do I leave my friends to go talk in another room?
How can I decide what is best?
I want to talk to him whenever we get a chance....if he is taking the time to call me, I should take the time to answer my phone. But this creates more problems. Since I never know when he is going to call, I make plans with my friends. Life has to go on as normal, right? But lately it seems as though I am always busy when he gets time to call me. This makes our phone calls even shorter. I miss him so much and just want to talk to him, but I can't leave my friends and sit at home waiting on a phone call that I may not get for three days.
Does anyone else has this problem?

Anyways, I'm going to a homecoming concert with my friends tonight. Maybe it will get my mind off things. Distractions from reality are always welcomed. It makes me feel normal again...not like half of my heart is missing.

That's all for now bloggers. May all your struggles be small and all your dreams big.

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