Friday, February 18, 2011

Hope keeps you going

I woke up to the sweetest message from my soldier. It is so good to know that he is still thinking of me even when we are miles apart and spend days without talking. He always reminds me how lucky I am to be with him.

I'm up in Atlanta with my brothers. We went to dinner with some of their friends so it was 3 couples....and me. Nights like this make it even more obvious that I am alone. But all in all, it was fun. I just wish he could be here.

Hopefully I will get a phone call tonight, but I'm not holding my breath at this point. I just have to remember that he will call me when he can and he still misses me.

I'll see some family friends from Ohio tomorrow. I know they will ask about him...but I don't mind. I hope they will see how great of a guy he is just from the way he makes me smile. I just can't wait to talk to him again.

That's all for tonight, bloggers. Not being on my own computer makes it a little more difficult to write.

As for me, I am missing my man, but I take comfort knowing we are looking up at the same stars tonight.

Keep your head up. And most of all: Never give up hope.

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