Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stress Management: the class or the action?

Last night I wasn't feeling too well. All I wanted to do was crawl up next to my soldier and have him cuddle me. We talked on the phone for over an hour. I was a little clingy and mopey too. Ok, so I really wasn't feeling well. I guess this month's stress has caught up with me. And all the ice cream my roommate and I ate didn't really help either.
So when we were on the phone, I asked my soldier, "Do you remember that day you got off work early and I happened to be out of class early and I sat outside on campus and talked on the phone with you for over two hours? I miss those days." His reply said it all. "Remember those days I got off work and came home to you and we hung out together and got to snuggle all night and did it all over again the next day? Those days are going to be so much better." I'm so ready to get married. We are so ready. This year better fly by!
When he tells people he is about to leave for a little bit they look at him and say, "You sure are getting off easy! Lucky you!" Yeah, he's so lucky that he won't be able to talk to me through the majority of our engagement. He's really lucky that I have to go and pick out all of the food for the rehearsal and reception, will probably decide what his guys wear in the wedding, and how all of his stuff is going to be decorated. He is also really lucky that my mom and I are probably going to hold this over him for the next 20 years or so. He's really lucky he is missing one of the most important times in our lives. Right.
I talked to my adviser today and we talked about how many more classes I have to take in order to graduate next May. Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do. And I can't mess up on any of them! No pressure or anything....
I'm really excited to be getting married and I can't wait. I would go and marry that boy today if I could. But we promised I would finish school before that happened. I just didn't think it would be this difficult. Take my advice, don't change your major three times and then add a minor. Pick one major and stick with it!
On a good note, I finished my Stress Management class today and found out I got an A! I guess all of this hard work is paying off. Now to focus on the other class...won't be so easy. Hopefully all the techniques I learned in Stress Management will come into play soon.

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