Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Off again?

Well, it is crazy how quickly your day can turn sour.

Got the news today that we are looking at an extensive training in our near future. We thought it wouldn't be too soon, but.....surprise! It is becoming so difficult to make plans sometimes. They never go the way you think they will. I've almost given up on making plans more than two months away (besides the wedding...thank goodness for the wedding.) so my world doesn't turn upside down when things go wrong.

Didn't he just get back? Didn't we just get used to being around each other again? Didn't we just start making plans to start our lives together?

I know I shouldn't least I know he is still going to be safe...but, still. Hopefully it won't happen as quickly as we are hearing. Sometimes, it just isn't fair.

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