Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome, Fall!

Today turned out to be pretty good. I got to sleep in for the first time in a very long time and the roommate was gone most of the day so I got to roam around the house all by myself (not that I don't love my roomie, but we can all use some alone time every now and then). I opened up all the windows in the house and cut off the air conditioning for the first time since we've lived was magical. 
I also got to do two of my favorite things today: watch Carolina football and watch Hocus Pocus..aka the greatest movie ever. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you get up right now and go rent it. You won't regret it. I've been obsessed with this movie since I was little and when I was a freshman in college, my mom sent me the DVD in a carepackage and it has turned into a tradition to watch it October 1st of each year. It just isn't October until I watch that movie! And of course it isn't fall in the south until football is on your TV.
I'm still just super bummed about Sweet Boy. I feel so helpless. He sounded so depressed. I kept asking if there was anything I could do or if he wanted anything. "Just you," he kept saying and it nearly broke my heart. He was supposed to be done last week and now it will be at least 6 more weeks. I had to tell his family today so they could plan accordingly. His parents had already planned their trip from Washington state and were really looking forward to it; now I'm not sure if that will happen anymore which is really upsetting because Sweet Boy hasn't seen his parents in over a year. Just so sad. Things just get so complicated sometimes, but I guess that is the military lifestyle that I am about to marry into so I might as well get used to it.
I know that there is a plan for us. I struggle to accept it sometimes, but I know it is true. As much as I complain, I know things could be a lot worse. There is another bout of separation looming over us soon after he returns (but hopefully it won't be quite as long this time) and it is just really kicking me in the gut. I hate being away from him. I envy anyone who gets a phone call from their significant others these days. A five minute phone call every few weeks is just not enough time. And letters can only get you so far. I try to write him and tell him what's going on in my life, but I know that most of it is so insignificant that by the time he gets the letter (or sometimes before the letter even makes it to the mailbox) it is over and I've moved on to some other thing. I don't know how my grandmother dealt with a war for about a year and only could write letters to my grandfather. I don't know if I could have done it. I guess we all have to find our own strength sometimes.

As I was watching football today, I thought about the only football game Sweet Boy and I were able to see together. That was such a fun day weekend. I'm glad we have those memories and I hope that maybe when we are married we can finally enjoy football together...maybe.

Throwback picture of our football game together. We look gross, sweaty, tired, and still so happy to be together. I love this boy.

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  1. Ugh I hate that feeling of helplessness. It's the worst. Something bad happened last week with the deployment and I felt so helpless, he was so down and I couldn't do anything. It stinks.

    I would be so upset in your situation. You've come all this way, you thought you were going to see him, he thought he was going to be done, his family was going to visit, and then 6 more weeks. Ugh.

    This is super random, but if you do the following you can set it up so people can respond when you comment on their blogs via email so I can tell you that you're adorable and heck yes to buzzed skype dates LOL...
    1) From blogger's main page click edit profile
    2) Check show my email address
    3) Under Identity enter your email address and display name
    4) Scroll all the way down and click save