Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Long distance love

As humans, we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. A game of 'who has it better/worse' often comes into play when we hear of other's joys or sorrows. We try to think of how the story applies to us, how we would react in a similar situation.
I've said it many times, this long distance relationship isn't for everyone. It is a struggle. It is a battle within its self. It is hard, it is taxing.
People ask me a lot how I am okay with not seeing or talking to Sweet Boy for extended amounts of time. The answer is simple: I'm not. Im not okay with the fact that there are often times we don't even have a countdown ready for the next time we will see each other. There are many nights, and days upon days, where I sit with my phone in my lap, not knowing if he will call tonight. And if he does call, I wonder how quickly he will start to fall asleep on the phone. But the truth is, I wouldn't care if he worked so much he wasn't able to call me for a month, as long as I knew he was eventually coming back into my arms.
I think it makes it a lot moe difficult when there aren't many people around you in your similar situation. This is why I blog, even though I've been slacking a lot recently. I still yearn for that companionship and understanding I find on here. Some of you have led me through some tough times. You know who you are, and I am forever grateful.
It's always hard to compare yourself to someone else. You never know how they are going to take it. The most sincere words can be taken as degrading. I was talking to a friend of mine tonight, whose husband is deployed, and there she was, asking how my boy was doing. And I did the stupid thing of starting to complain to her how I haven't seen Sweet Boy in a month and I hardly talk to him and so on. What I was complaining about was NOTHING in comparison to what she was dealing with and yet, there she was, willing to listen. And she told me words that ring so true. "It doesnt matter if you are apart for a year, a month, or a night. Being apart still sucks." How brilliant. It does not matter where you are; if you are alone and missing someone, it can knock you down to the floor until you just can't take it anymore. It hurts, and often times (especially in this li style) it can be very scary. We must take every day in stride and know that one day, one bright and glorious day, distance will be a thing of the past.
Just remember, distance is not for the faint of heart. We are all warriors in this life, just not always fighting the same battle. It is how we handle these trials and hardships that really defines our life and our relationship.


  1. Aww that's my quote! I want to like this whole post. I couldn't agree more. I think people get the idea that we don't mind living like this. It isn't that, it sucks. We do it because we have to. And we are stronger on the other side because of it.

  2. Hi Lady!

    I'm ecstatic that I came across your blog. I'm an Army girlfriend (boyfriend is currently deployed) so I'm blogging my days away, so that I can one day reflect on the journey that we have been on together.

    After reading this first post I know that you are someone I can relate to. . .especially after the last paragraph, "Just remember, distance is not for the faint of heart. . ." We were in a long distance relationship before I moved closer to him. . .and then he got deployment orders, how beautiful, huh?

    Anyway, I look forward to reading your blog!

    Ashley (

  3. this was encouraging. it is always nice to know that lots of people have the feeling I have and are successful at long distance relationships, especially when involving the military. I'm 21, and in about 2 months I will be a military wife. To an Airman. Who 8 days after our wedding will be deploying. WOW. I am excited, and I know that I was made for this, but I'm also overwhelmed. Your blog is very uplifting. So thank you. :)

  4. I stumbled upon this and am getting inspiration for myself one day...

    I needed this. And at the perfect time too..

    Thank you.

  5. People like my boy and you make me a believer!
    I truely believe dreams come true, love can conquer it all.
    Thank you for every single line you wrote that made my lonesomeness disappear.

    Wishing you love and luck,